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24/01/2014 جاماسب [fa] Pronunciación de جاماسب 0 votos
24/01/2014 تهمورث [fa] Pronunciación de تهمورث 0 votos
24/01/2014 پیشداد [fa] Pronunciación de پیشداد 0 votos
24/01/2014 جهان‌بخش [fa] Pronunciación de جهان‌بخش 0 votos
24/01/2014 جهانشاه [fa] Pronunciación de جهانشاه 0 votos
24/01/2014 جهاندار [fa] Pronunciación de جهاندار 0 votos
24/01/2014 بامشاد [fa] Pronunciación de بامشاد 0 votos
24/01/2014 به‌آیین [fa] Pronunciación de به‌آیین 0 votos
24/01/2014 بهبد [fa] Pronunciación de بهبد 0 votos
24/01/2014 بهمنش [fa] Pronunciación de بهمنش 0 votos
24/01/2014 برزین [fa] Pronunciación de برزین 0 votos
24/01/2014 پایا [fa] Pronunciación de پایا 0 votos
24/01/2014 پشنگ [fa] Pronunciación de پشنگ 0 votos
24/01/2014 باربد [fa] Pronunciación de باربد 0 votos
24/01/2014 پشوتن [fa] Pronunciación de پشوتن 0 votos
24/01/2014 پورداد [fa] Pronunciación de پورداد 0 votos
24/01/2014 وهابی‌ [fa] Pronunciación de وهابی‌ 0 votos
24/01/2014 تکفیری‌ها [fa] Pronunciación de تکفیری‌ها 0 votos
13/04/2013 بیحالی [fa] Pronunciación de بیحالی 0 votos
13/04/2013 کجایی [fa] Pronunciación de کجایی 0 votos
13/04/2013 ناپالم [fa] Pronunciación de ناپالم 0 votos
13/04/2013 خوشه ای [fa] Pronunciación de خوشه ای 0 votos
13/04/2013 هسته ای [fa] Pronunciación de هسته ای 0 votos
13/04/2013 دین و ایمان [fa] Pronunciación de دین و ایمان 0 votos
13/04/2013 بدحالی [fa] Pronunciación de بدحالی 0 votos
13/04/2013 باحالی [fa] Pronunciación de باحالی 0 votos
13/04/2013 پوست و استخوان [fa] Pronunciación de پوست و استخوان -1 votos
13/04/2013 جونمی جون [fa] Pronunciación de جونمی جون 0 votos
13/04/2013 چرم و سالامبور [fa] Pronunciación de چرم و سالامبور 0 votos
13/04/2013 قرت قرت خوردن [fa] Pronunciación de قرت قرت خوردن 0 votos

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It makes me feel good when I spend my time on translating. The one who speaks only in one language is only one mere person but anyone who can speak English is uncountable since necessity of being able to talk in an internationally accepted language makes the rules of survive and success in this relatively globalized world. So Let's keep up the good work. Life is damn short...
And another thing: People who add Persian words must put this in mind that there are many Persian words which are same in writing but have quite different meanings and pronounciations. This is common in some languages such as Persian and Arabic. In regard to many words it is necessary to know the vowel point and without vowel points it is not possible to find the right meaning and pronounciatin unless see the sentence. So sometimes it is necessary to send the sentence via contact e-mail. As I said I am always ready to keep up the good work and I shall not let you down!

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